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Find FORME on Kickstarter

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FORME is a new twist on the humble supplement shaker. The creator is looking to break the stereotype associated with traditional protein shakers.

Launched on Kickstarter at the beginning of April, FORME hit its funding target in only 39 minutes. To date, the campaign has over 700 backers, having raised a total of £29,000 in of pre-orders.

Tired of the smelly, macho, bulky, plastic shakers that dominated the market, Nick Samra, founder of FORME and former international hockey player, thought it was time that the shaker was brought up to speed with the rest of the fitness landscape.

Nick says, “I can’t quite believe that despite the athleisure boom, rise of boutique fitness gyms and the advancement in sports technology, we are still putting up with poor performing and unattractive shakers. Today’s supplement consumer is very different to that of 20 years ago, but the shaker has not evolved to meet the needs of this new audience who are focused on design, style, performance and convenience.”

Forme Shaker

FORME has a 500ml stainless steel body and a hidden 45g storage compartment which has been designed to pour powder with zero mess. The inside corners have been rounded to make it easy to clean and to leave no space for old powder to hide.

This reduces the likelihood of that powder generating the bad odours that people have become accustomed to. The silent shaker mechanism works quickly and quietly so you don’t have to put up with the sound of a rattling metal whisk ball when you’re on the move. All of this functionality has been packed into a sleek, smart design, that looks unlike any other shaker out there.

Not only is the FORME shaker stylish but it’s sustainable too. Through its durable design and convenient features, FORME will far outlive any plastic shaker and also remove the need to grab on the go supplement drinks – helping protect our oceans and reduce our plastic footprint.

Is FORME worthy of a place in your fitness bag? Watch this space for updates as we get them. Check it out here.

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Andy Tomlinson

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