Forme Shaker

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FORME is a new twist on the humble supplement shaker. The creator is looking to break the stereotype associated with traditional protein shakers

On Cloudultra

Review: On Cloudultra

On have delivered a lot of models of shoe over the last few years, their newest innovation is a trail shoe designed for big miles – the Cloudultra

Great Swim

Great Swim is Back with a Splash!

This might be something a little different for you for 2021. The team at Great Swim is delighted to announce that the John West Great Swim Series is returning to two fantastic locations this summer!

Aggie and brother

Help Hardy, help Aggie

Help Hardy, help Aggie. Inspired by a 12-year-old schoolgirl named Aggie Candy-Waters, extreme athlete Darren Hardy is planning one of his toughest challenges

Eddie Izzard Zwift

Eddie Izzard Runs for Hope

The Run For Hope challenge will see Eddie attempt to run 31 marathons followed by performing 31 stand-up shows, in 31 days – to raise money to give to charities that Make Humanity Great. Designed for runners of all abilities this challenge will enable you to reach your personal fitness goal this year