Thailand by UTMB®

In challenging conditions and in a challenging year for so many reasons Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) hosted Thailand by UTMB®.

Thailand by UTMB®, the new trail running event on the roof of Thailand. Thailand by UTMB® centres around the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon, also known as the roof of Thailand.

The event saw more than 1,500 runners head to the rooftop of Thailand, Doi Inthanon, to be a part of this historic race.


The route showcases local biodiversity and forest changes with the gradual climb elevation from 400m to 2100m above sea level. The runners experience the peaceful Hmong, and Pga-Gan-Yaw, Karenic tribe ways of life, the awe-inspiring views of terrace paddy field, where the entire area is brightened by golden ears of rice, as well as the picturesque montane farms.

As the Thai Meteorological Department announced that there would be a typhoon. Molave slammed into Vietnam and would pass over Thailand, Thailand by the UTMB® team has prepared. The highest priority is the safety of everyone, not only for the runners but also fot the volunteers, staff, and media.

The champion on the day, Sanya Kanchai, the same one as in the test event in February. This Thai elite ran the longest distance Inthanon 6 (100 miles) and achieved a time of  26:40:06. 1st place Women of Inthanon 6 was Phitchanan Mahachot, crossing the finish at 36:16:38.

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