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Give a tree this Christmas

Trail running megastar Kilian Jornet, BBC Broadcaster and Ultra Runner Lowri Morgan and 5x British Paralympian Hannah Cockroft MBE are among a host of well-known climate conscious athletes, adventurers and celebrities joining Trees not Tees in asking you to help plant a tree this Christmas.

Trees Not Tees

Trees Not Tees have just launched their Tree Gift page, letting you give the gift of a tree this year. When you do, you’ll receive an e-certificate with a photo of your sapling, the exact location and species of your sapling. It’s the perfect eco-conscious Christmas gift for your friends and family.

‘We are delighted that so many high-profile runners have joined up with us on our mission to reverse climate change by asking others to give the gift of a tree, and to share tips for reducing their environmental impact this Christmas’ – co-founder Jade Read

Kilian Jornet tells us his plans for a vegetarian Christmas, whilst British Paralympian Hannah Cockroft MBE gives us her hack for greener present wrapping.

Trees Not Tees is an environmental organisation co-founded by Jade Read and ultra-runner Jim Mann. Trees not Tees works with race and event organisers to give participants the option of planting a tree rather than getting a t-shirt they may not wear. Instead of buying too many t-shirts, the event organiser pays them for the cost of the t-shirt, and they plant a tree for the participant instead.

Trees Not Tees

‘The environmental benefit of planting a tree is huge, it helps us fight against climate change by taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, it provides a home for a diverse range of species, and it gives us clean air to breathe’ – co-founder Jim Mann

At Trees not Tees, they plant the right tree in the right place, meaning that they plant an appropriate species on appropriate tree planting land.

To find out more or to give the gift of a tree this Christmas with Trees Not Tees please visit, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @treesnottees

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