April 9, 2021

He’s off! Darren Hardy’s 5in50

Darren Hardy’s 5in50 one of his toughest challenges yet to help Aggie Candy-Waters, a 12 year old with H-ABC, the world’s rarest brain disease
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We featured the launch of Darren Hardy’s 5in50 here to help Aggie Candy-Waters, extreme athlete Darren Hardy is planning one of his toughest challenges yet, to run 5 marathons, nonstop, in 50 hours.

There are 200 children in the world like Aggie and most are diagnosed around the age of three or four, when their parents notice that their development is slower than other children of their age.

Darren Hardy’s 5in50
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Ali Candy-Waters, Aggie’s mum, said: “H-ABC is the world’s rarest brain disease. People simply haven’t heard of it, so in our darkest moments we wonder if we can ever get to our £1m target in time. Then we hear from someone like Darren, and we feel like there could be a chance.”

Aggie was diagnosed with the life-limiting brain disease when she was five years old and has inspired Darren to take on one of his most challenging fundraising events. Darren Hardy’s 5in50.

Follow his progress at https://events.geotracks.co.uk/live/657 and to donate visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/darren-hardy123

You can also follow Darren on Instagram @darren_hardy4

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