July 18, 2018

How Hard Can a Mile Be?

It's only a mile, it can't be that hard. The unique new race from Red Bull, Quicksand, will show you just how hard a mile can be!
By Kirsty Reade

We can all run a mile, right? It isn’t that hard. Well, let us introduce you to Red Bull Quicksand, a one mile race with a twist.

Red Bull Quicksand takes place in Margate on September 1st and it will be run along the beach. See, it’s already sounding a bit harder? As well as the obvious challenges of running through sand (which apparently involves expending 1.6 times more energy than running on road) the sneaky people at Red Bull are going to put four large and three smaller sandy climbs in the runners’ way. These man-made sandcastles will force competitors to climb vertically over the crumbly terrain.

Advancing competitors will face the course all over again. The event follows a knockout format with runners progressing through heats and semi-finals to reach the grand final, in what is set to be an energy-sapping day on the Margate dunes.

Here’s a nice animation to show what’s in store for runners.

Entries are now open for this unique inaugural one mile race, which will see 750 competitors test their mettle on the seafront in one of England’s best-known seaside towns. So, if you fancy trying a different kind of race, which will test your endurance, acceleration and speed all at the same time, why not give it a go?

Early bird entries are available now at £20 (but early bird rates finish today – 18th July – so be quick!). There will be 750 entries available. To secure a place, or to find out more information on the event please visit www.redbull.com/quicksand.

Article by
Kirsty Reade