June 13, 2018

Join the Red Bull Million Mile Commute

Looking for a way to get more miles in this summer? Why not join the Red Bull Million Mile Commute?
By Kirsty Reade

How many of us bemoan the fact that we don’t have enough time to fit in that run? Could run commuting be the answer? Red Bull are looking to get more of us doing this this summer with their Million Mile Commute campaign.

Run commuting is a brilliant thing. You save money on public transport, you arrive at work feeling smug, then you get to eat a big (or even a second) breakfast.

The idea behind Million Mile Commute is that runners and cyclists sign up at redbull.co.uk/MMC and then try to collectively rack up a million miles this summer on Strava. By logging miles you can get various rewards (and you can also get a 30 day Strava premium access code on certain cans of Red Bull drink).

The initiative launched in 2017 with commuters surpassing the target in three months and this summer, Red Bull are again encouraging commuters to commit to cycle or run to work and collectively achieve 1 million human-powered miles in one month only.

In 2018, the challenge will run across one month only. In July, Million Mile Commuters will have four weeks to hit one million miles and in doing so are eligible to win a number of prizes.

Reaching each distance milestone enters you into the draw for that and all preceding milestones:

  • The first 2500 people to log one mile will be sent a Red Bull sample pack
  • 10 MILES:  Limited Edition Strava socks (10 available)
  • 50 MILES: One-year Strava Premium membership (10 available)
  • 100 MILES: Limited Edition Red Bull fridge for your office with a year’s supply of stock (5 available)
  • 250 MILES: MARIN FAIRFAX SC3 2018 bike provided by Cycle Surgery (1 available)

For more information visit redbull.co.uk/MMC

Article by
Kirsty Reade