‘Let’s Move’ with TRX

TRX, leaders in functional training, are on a mission to make fitness inclusive for all. As part of that mission, TRX has launched ‘Let’s Move’, an inclusive campaign shedding light on the ability for fitness to happen anywhere, anytime – regardless of age, gender, size, or any other factors. 

Starring in the campaign is Nesrine Dally (see her on Instagram here) – a competitive Muay Thai Athlete, fitness trainer and coach based in London. Nesrine made history as Britain’s first hijab Muay Thai boxer to compete in Thailand and uses her platform to inspire women, break down cultural norms and challenge expectations. 

TRX’s Let’s Move video release featuring Nesrine (check it out here) embodies all that is movement. Nesrine is passionate about changing the fitness industry on being focused on what strong looks like to what strong feels like.


“In the last year, five or six clients that have joined my training program have said that their number one goal is to feel stronger. If I rewind five years ago, most people would have said to lose weight and tone up. Ultimately, there’s been a shift in what people want. Now, people want to feel strong, they want to feel empowered. I think they understand that movement creates a feeling as well as the physical benefits.

“During the pandemic, the TRX has saved my life as I’ve transitioned into training people outside. Fourteen years in the industry— I never thought I’d be training people in a park, but that’s where we are. It just meant I had a gym I could take around with me, and I didn’t have to bring all the weights. My clients have loved actually doing TRX based sessions.”


The Let’s Move campaign seeks to make fitness inclusive for all. Whether you are tall, short, big or small – movement is the key to a happy, healthy life. We bend, twist, leap, squat, lift, move to both get fit and get by in our daily lives. We move to catch a bus, catch our kids; we move to celebrate and express joy; to blow off steam; to rage, relax, unwind, cure the restless mind; to do something healthy, to do something for ourselves, to simply do something.

Find out more at the TRX website here.

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