How to Follow UTMB

Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc winners

This week thousands of runners and their friends and families will be descending on Chamonix to run or support one of the UTMB races. If you’re not lucky enough to be there you can still follow all of the action from your armchair and cheer on the Brits. And you’ll save yourself hundreds of pounds in air fare, hotels, overpriced tartiflette and impulsive expo purchases in the process.

Here’s how to follow UTMB from home:

Here’s the UTMB Live page, a kind of dashboard so you can get a snapshot of what’s going on at any time during the whole week  There’s a countdown to the start of each race, you can follow the leaders here and you can also put in a runner’s name to follow them live. If you love to dot watch, you’ll be glued to this all week!

Here is UTMB TV, which is self-explanatory! There will be live coverage of all the race starts, they will follow the race leaders and you’ll be able to see the winners crossing the finish line. There are even channels for each race. They will also provide highlights throughout the week, with continuous coverage from August 27th to September 2nd.


As is the way of the modern world, Twitter and Facebook will also provide the latest news. We will be out there (@run247com), tweeting as much as we can and the usual channels such as irunfar will keep you up to date.

Here’s a timetable for what’s happening throughout the week:

Monday, August 27th – Martigny-Combe and Chamonix
08:00: Start, PTL®, Chamonix (France)
10:00: Start, MCC, Martigny-Combe (Switzerland)
13:30: First MCC finishers

Tuesday, August 28th – Chamonix
13:00-19:00: Salon Ultra-Trail® expo village and bib pickup for the TDS®
16:00-20:00: Bib pickup for the TDS® in Courmayeur

Wednesday, August 29th – Courmayeur and Chamonix
06:00: Start, TDS®, Courmayeur (Italy)
10:00: Start, YCC
10:00-20:00: Salon Ultra-Trail® expo village and bib pickup for the OCC (*)
16:00-20:00: Bib pickup for the OCC in Orsières
20:20: First TDS® finishers

Thursday, August 30th – Chamonix
08:15: Start, OCC, Orsières (Switzerland)
All day long, runners finishing the TDS®
10:00-19:00: Salon Ultra-Trail® expo village and bib pickup for the CCC® and UTMB®
16:00-20:00: Bib pickup for the CCC® and UTMB® in Courmayeur for runners who made this specific request
16:00-17:30: Official press conference
13:30: First OCC finishers
17:30: solidarity evening

Friday, August 31st – Courmayeur and Chamonix
09:00: Start, CCC®, Courmayeur (Italy)
10:00-14:00: Salon Ultra-Trail® expo village
18:00: Start, UTMB®
20:00: First CCC® finishers

Saturday, September 1st – Chamonix
All morning long, runners finishing the CCC®
15:00: First UTMB® finishers

Sunday, September 2nd – Chamonix
All day long, runners finishing the UTMB®
10:00-11:00: final press conference
16:00: official UTMB® closing ceremony
16:30: last runners finishing the UTMB® & PTL

It’s going to be a really exciting week, which may well make you want to go and do one of the races next year. Here’s our guide if you do!