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NURVV Run announces Dame Kelly Holmes as global ambassador

NURVV Run has unveiled its first official athlete partnership. The brand teams up with British running legend, Dame Kelly Holmes, the first British woman to win two Olympic gold medals at the same Games in over 80 years.

We recently tested the technology HERE. The wearable technology and biomechanics that help runners of all levels run faster, further and reduce injury risk.


Global ambassador

Dame Kelly Holmes will work alongside NURVV Run as a global ambassador. Alongside promotional initiatives and events, Dame Kelly will be integrating the NURVV Run product into her personal training programme. Dame Kelly will provide direct feedback to NURVV to develop the product and its capabilities.  

Dame Kelly Holmes is one of the finest athletes Britain has ever produced. Her progression in running was continually hampered by physical and mental setbacks. On occasions, drawing on her reserves of resolve and determination to carry on, and realise her dreams.

Smart insoles

NURVV Run uses smart insoles with pressure sensors to measure your running technique from the source of the action – your feet. Using biomechanical principles to analyse a runner’s data, NURVV Run provides insights into each individual’s technique. Including footstrike and pronation to help run faster, further and reduce injury risk.

Ulrica Roberts, founder of NURVV Run: “In terms of running credibility, there’s not many to touch Dame Kelly, we’re delighted to welcome her on board. She joins us in our mission to spread the word about the many benefits NURVV Run provides runners in terms of running faster and further whilst reducing injury risk.

“Dame Kelly triumphed over her own struggles with injury throughout her career. This experience alongside her enduring passion for the sport makes her the perfect match for what we’re trying to achieve at NURVV Run.

“This partnership together with the one we recently agreed with England Athletics, underlines the level of ambition we have for NURVV Run, and how important we believe our technology will be in improve running performance for runners.”

Dame Kelly Holmes, says:

“I’ve been really impressed with NURVV Run and I can see how their innovative smart insole technology will help runners and coaches gain a huge amount of insight to facilitate coaching support and enhance performance. Knowledge really is power when it comes to training and in this respect NURVV Run is a game changer.

“I am looking forward to working alongside the NURVV Run team to promote running in general, as well as more specifically in the areas of utilising technology and biomechanics to help runners fulfil their true potential and promoting the benefits of running on mental health.”

NURVV Runn is available to buy for £249.99 from the following retailers – and

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