inov-8 OCRWC inov-8 OCRWC

Obstacle Course Racing World Championship News

We bring you two bits of exciting news from the world of Obstacle Course Racing. Firstly, the World Championships this October is going to be held in … London! And secondly, the Official Footwear Brand of the 2018 championships is … inov-8! Inov-8 footwear has long been synonymous with the muddy, slippy world of OCR … Continued

Total Warrior Total Warrior

Total Warrior: OCR For Those Who Like To Go Long!

Do you love OCR? And do you love running long distances? How about combining the two? An OCR race, with typical Total Warrior obstacles, but you get to keep going for 5 hours, doing as many laps as you can! That’s Total Warrior’s Ultra Warrior! As if Total Warrior wasn’t already tough enough, the Northern … Continued