New OCR Federation for the UK

UK Obstacle Sports Federation (UKOSF) has announced that World OCR (or FISO) has recognised and affiliated the new OCR Federation in the UK.

UKOSF will be the UK’s official channel for athletes to get involved in EU and World OCR. The UKOSF is an independent, not for profit organisation, focusing on harmonising the industry across the UK and providing a unified structure in line with World OCR guidelines, and promoting the sport at grass roots through to elite level in the UK.

The new Federation has been established to guide and support athletes, coaches, clubs, events and the sport itself. Read more at their website HERE. 

Tough Mudder

Inside The Tough Mudder Obstacle Innovation Lab

Tough Mudder events have close to 50:50 levels of participation between men and women. Interestingly, their Obstacle Innovation Lab team are all women. Have obstacles changed over the years as the demographics have?

Tough Mudder myCrew

Social Fitness Platform myCrew Partners with Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder has announced that it’s partnering with social fitness app myCrew.

myCrew is a digital platform which connects active people and empowers them to build running and fitness communities. By partnering with Tough Mudder the aim is for OCR communities to be able to connect and train together, during and after each event.

The myCrew app allows active leaders to host sessions that range from beginners’ running clubs right through to ultra-marathon level events for fitness enthusiasts. People looking to build up their fitness in the lead-up to a particular event can access useful insights into the way they train and can build powerful connections along the way.

myCrew is available for free download on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.