April 18, 2019

Royal Parks Half Bins Plastic Bottles

The Royal Parks Half has announced that they are binning the plastic bottles in favour of compostable materials. More and more races seem to be taking their environmental responsibility seriously these days.
By Kirsty Reade

The Royal Parks Half has announced that they will be plastic bottle-free for the 2019 race in October. Instead, runners will be given bio-degradable cups at water stations. In addition runners will be encouraged to bring reusable water bottles.

This welcome change is in line with their new environmental policy, which will include: no single use plastic being distributed to people attending the event, all plates, cutlery and food servings must be made from a compostable material, no products containing palm oil can be used on the event site and exhibitors will not be allowed to use balloons or leaflet anywhere on site.

Find all the info about the race and their sustainability efforts HERE.

Article by
Kirsty Reade