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Spartan’s Largest Virtual Race has 40,000 Athletes From More Than 100 Countries Complete

With races being cancelled all around the globe, Spartan quickly swapped to virtual races in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to a schedule of live and at-home workouts and wellness content, the virtual races provide a goal to help Spartan’s community stay inspired, motivated and healthy. 

On May 30th – 31st Spartan hosted its biggest virtual event seeing more than 40,000 athletes cross the finish line in more than 100 countries during “Project Unbreakable: The World’s Largest Virtual Race.” Together, a total of 231,488 miles were covered and 65,802 hours spent on the course.

The brand has ensured that for every Spartan event that has been postponed, a virtual race takes place as an alternative. In the UK & Ireland, the South East virtual event took place in April and the Ireland virtual event followed in May. Next up is the Wales virtual event that will take place June 20th – 21st 2020.

Helping the Spartan community

Spartan UK and Ireland Managing Director, Matt Brooke, said “For us, virtual racing is not a replacement, but an addition to our traditional races. Until we are back out on the conventional course together, we can still hit the startline, online. The virtual races are keeping our community engaged, drawing in new audiences and allowing individuals to still hit their health and fitness goals even when isolating at home. We’ve worked hard to ensure each event has the same race day atmosphere with engaging digital content throughout the weekend. We host a live warm-up, race day footage, interviews with our Spartan family, virtual medals, a leaderboard and podium prizes”.

“With the competitive element it’s a great way to stay on track and also the ideal time to start implementing and testing race day nutrition, hydration, and post-race recovery.  We’re encouraging our community to think of this as a training opportunity so that when our races return, they are more than ready.”

Jade Skillen, UK Spartan Pro Athlete and Personal Trainer, leads the race-day warm-ups and commented “I have loved the events so far, they’ve allowed us to stay focused and have something to train for. I have been preparing my clients for race season and they have all taken part in the virtual races as part of their training programme. They’ve got the same buzz and hype that they would on the usual startline so that’s been awesome.” 

Spartan Wales Virtual Edition

Created for indoor or outdoor completion, athletes of all abilities can tackle the Spartan Wales virtual edition of signature races, including the 5K, 20-obstacle Spartan Sprint and 10k , 25-obstacle Spartan Super.  Spartan Kids races are also offered ranging from 1K to 3K (ages 4 to 14). The distances can be covered by running or by cardio alternatives such as cycling, skipping or rowing. The obstacles are a series of bodyweight and aerobic exercises, including push-ups, mountain climbers and more. 

New for Wales, the first ever virtual Spartan Trail Race will take place June 20th – 21st. This event has no obstacles but consists of a 10K or 21K run. Spot prizes will be rewarded for highest elevation and most adventurous trail routes (providing participants adhere to current government guidelines).

Emily leRoux, Director of Partnerships at Spartan, added “We’re challenging the UK to test themselves and have some competitive fun from home on the weekend of June 20th – 21st. Whether you’re new to Spartan or have taken part in an event before, there really is an option for all members of the family. Thanks to our partners we have some fantastic deals that will benefit our participants too”.

The first 1,000 registered racers will receive a free 3-can Tenzing pack. Along with this, all Wales virtual racers have access to:

  • 10% off a Drynks 12 Pack
  • 10% off all MyoMaster products
  • 20% off SOS hydration
  • 25% off NGX genetically personalised nutrition

To register for the Spartan Wales Virtual Race for free and to receive all discount codes, please visit the event page.

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