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Try a Tri-Adventure!


When we heard about Tri-Adventure events we were intrigued. Off-road running, navigation, mountain biking, adventure. They sounded like a great way for runners to keep it interesting, learn new skills and challenge themselves. We wanted to find out a little bit more about the events and the company. Here’s what they told us!

Q: Can you tell us a bit about Tri-Adventure and the events you do?

A: Tri-Adventure is a young, exciting company which specialises in putting on off-road, navigation-based events. These are held all year round in various locations around the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within easy reach of London and the South Coast.
The “Tri” relates to running, mountain biking, and navigation – so, there’s no swimming, unless you fall into a pond while looking for one of our check points!

Most of our events are navigation based. Competitors receive a waterproof OS map with check points marked on it when they arrive, and they use this to plot their route to visit as many Check Points as they can within their chosen time limits. All our events include trail running, either on its own, or combined with mountain biking.

Tri-Adventure nav
Tri-Adventure competitors work out their nav strategy!

Q: So, what can people get out of one of your events if they sign up?

A: 1. A challenge
• As one of our regulars, with over 18 events under his belt, has said:“These are events with a difference … the thinking person’s event.”
• Checkpoints are located over a wide area, and you have to work out a suitable route, using a map and a compass.
• You decide the route based on your strategy and your ability and fitness level, and then you do your best to stick to it.
• It’s a personal challenge, rather than a race against others, although some do race, with the objective of collecting the most points, You set your route and compete against yourself. Lessons are learnt at each event as you analyse how you went. Did you overestimate/underestimate your fitness? Did you really mean to run your bike up that hill?
• There is no right or wrong way to go, as long as you just stick to public rights of way. You can choose a longer route which takes you around a hill rather than up and over it, which takes much more effort. Others may choose to collect just a few checkpoints on foot, so that they can spend most of their allotted time on the Mountain Bike (MTB).

2. Variety
• We offer a mixture of run only or a combination of run and MTB.
• All events are off road.
• There are 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour options every month.
• There’s a 12 hour Night & Day Challenge at least once a year.
• In the summer, we also offer a 5 hour run and MTB option.
• Event course mapping is unique to each event, meaning that, even if the venue is used more than once, we guarantee that no two courses are the same.
• Some enter an event to really push themselves and to try and collect all the Check Points within the time limit. This can be achieved by a fit athlete with first rate navigation skills. At the other end of the spectrum, people enter to enjoy the beautiful surroundings whilst running and/or mountain biking. Then there are all the other reasons for entering – to build up speed and stamina; to improve navigation skills; to use one of our events as part of a preparation for a big event, or simply to meet up with like-minded folk.

Map in hand, off they go!

3. Suitable for all ages and abilities
• Elite athletes take part alongside inexperienced Adventurers. Most compete against themselves.
• Race on your own or in pairs or small groups of up to four.
• Youngsters take part with their parents. We pride ourselves on attracting people aged 8 to 80! The 1 hour and 2 hour events are particularly suitable for youngsters (8-16).
• The 4 hour Event is very popular with as many as 30 checkpoints to visit, and many use the opportunity to prepare for other events, such as UKChallenge, Ironman, and so on.
• You go as fast or as slow as you wish!

4. Great value for money
• Early Bird offers, and discounts based on repeat participation, means that our entry prices are extremely competitive. No-one has ever complained about the price!
• Our principal objective is for people to have a great time in the open air, pushing themselves as far as they want to, visiting new areas and wanting to come back for more.
• For those without a Mountain Bike, we provide suitable bikes at cost through a partner company.

5. The “Craic”
• We have a family atmosphere at our events, and people love taking part. Just look at their smiling faces as they dib in at the finish!
• There is plenty of conversation in the clubhouse after an event, as people discuss routes taken, and experiences are shared.
• Tea and cakes are always available, and we also provide delicious home-made soup in the Winter/Spring months.

Tri-Adventure family
Its a family affair at Tri-Adventure events

Q: What if I don’t feel confident in my navigation skills?

A: You may well be keen to take part, but maybe you are a bit worried that your navigation skills will let you down, and you’ll get lost. We understand that! So, we run one day Navigation Courses, on a date to suit you, and we’ll do them on a one to one basis, or in small groups. The feedback we’ve had from these courses has been brilliant. People have gone from literally not knowing which way to hold a compass to enthusiastically (and successfully) completing a 4-hour Experience event!

To find out more and enter Tri-Adventure events go to

Written by
Kirsty Reade

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