Ultra barefoot runner attempts 485 mile Three Peaks Challenge record

Tony Riddle, the ultra-endurance athlete who galvanised the nation running the length of the UK barefoot last September, will embark on his next monumental challenge for the natural world this summer. The previous record is 9 days, 11 hours and 49 minutes.

Tony Riddle

On 29th August 2020, the father of four will set out to run all 485 miles of the National Three Peaks Challenge in nine days. Tony will be raising money for Survival International – the global movement fighting for tribal peoples’ rights. Riddle will scale the mountains barefoot, and switch to Vivobarefoot shoes when running on the road in between.

Tony Riddle

The “3 Bare Peaks Challenge” involves:

  • 485 miles on foot from Mt Snowdon in Wales (1085m) to Scafell Pike in England (978m), and Ben Nevis in Scotland (1345m)
  • 54 miles per day for nine consecutive days (2 marathons a day)
  • 23 mile combined ascent and descent of the peaks; 462 miles in between on the road
Tony Riddle

The National Three Peaks Challenge is traditionally a 24 hour endurance race to climb the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales. Runners complete the combined 23 mile ascent and descent by foot, then drive the 462 miles between peaks. Tony will complete the entire route by foot.

Tony will run the natural surface of the peaks barefoot, and the unnatural tarmac between the peaks in a protective layer of tech by Vivobarefoot who are supporting the attempt.

Primus Lite II

Vivobarefoot shoes allow Tony to be as close to barefoot as possible. With 3mm soles, the Primus Lite II is the brand’s lightest shoe and allows Tony to receive all sensory feedback whilst running, providing the least interference between Tony and the road as possible. Vivobarefoot shoes are made with wide toe boxes, thin soles are as flexible to allow the human foot to do its natural thing and not be restricted. 

He says it’s not only a physical test of endurance, but a test of human potential and the power of the mind where breathwork, natural running technique, mobility and cold water immersion will be a critical part of his daily preparations and recovery.

Tony Riddle

For the duration of the nine days, Tony will be asking people to show their love and support for the indigenous people of the world by donating funds to Survival International via Gofundme.

Indigenous people comprise less than 5% of the world’s population, yet they protect 80% of global biodiversity. Tony hopes the challenge will highlight the crucial role indigenous people play in protecting our ecosystem. 

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