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New Products This Week


There are lots of products we’re being sent information about at the moment. As you’re probably starting to think about Christmas presents for the runner in your life (or you) then we thought we’d start doing a regular round-up of the new products available.

HIGH5 ZERO Protect

HIGH5 ZERO Protect

Do you take vitamins and supplements to try to ward off those winter illnesses and colds? If so, you might be interested in this new product from HIGH5, which is an electrolyte drink with added vitamins and minerals. The two variants are orange and echinacea and turmeric and ginger. So you can rehydrate after a run and get your supplements at the same time. We’re told that both flavours make a very nice hot drink too, which sounds pretty nice after a cold run.

On Cloudsurfer

On Cloudsurfer
A lot of innovative elements have gone into the new On Cloudsurfer

On has pulled off a very rare thing over the last eight years – they’ve taken on the big shoe companies and they’re winning. Their success over a short period has been pretty staggering and the secret of it is that they just produce really good shoes. The Cloudsurfer has been one of their most successful shoes. It’s a neutral shoe and it’s designed for training and racing, but it balances being fast with a decent amount of cushioning. This is actually the fourth version of the shoe and while the basics remain, they’ve beefed up the number of clouds on the sole (and they seem more resilient to me), they’ve put a speedboard in and they’ve added some zig zag designs to the clouds to make them grippier on damp roads. Here’s our first look at them and we’ll bring you our full review once we’ve run enough miles in them. We’re really enjoying them so far though! Find out more at

UNBOWND compression wear with K-tape

UNBOWND new product
UNBOWND compression wear

A few weeks ago we told you about UNBOWND leggings, which blend shapewear and running leggings, designed to look flattering and provide good support. They also do compression wear incorporating kinesiology tape, which they claim ‘can increase the delivery of oxygen and key nutrients to muscle groups to improve performance and help with the removal of waste products post-exercise, which all leads to a greater recovery process’. They’ve developed fabric which mimics kinesiology tape and they’ve incorporated it into key parts of their clothing to support your body where needed. Find out more at

Compressport socks

Compressport new products
The new range of Compressport socks

Staying with the theme of compression, Compressport has launched new products – socks which aim to make it a bit clearer when to use them! The world of compression can be a confusing place – is it for wearing to run in or just for post-run recovery, or both? They’ve launched three socks: Oxygen (light and ventilated and mainly for racing); Race and Recovery (muscle support for both running and recovery); and Detox recovery (emphasis on comfort and recovery). There’s also a short winter run sock, made of wool and silk, which I very much like the look of. Find out more at

Written by
Kirsty Reade

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