London Marathon all-time winners

A London Marathon all-time winners list. The London Marathon, one of the six World Marathon Majors, has been contested by men and women annually since 29 March 1981. Set over a largely flat course around the River Thames, the marathon is 26.2 miles (42.2 km) in length and generally regarded as a competitive and unpredictable event, and conducive to fast times.

The inaugural marathon had 7,741 entrants, 6,255 of whom completed the race. The first Men’s Elite Race was tied between American Dick Beardsley and Norwegian Inge Simonsen, who crossed the finish line holding hands in 2 hours, 11 minutes, 48 seconds.

The first Women’s Elite Race was won by Briton Joyce Smith in 2:29:57. In 1983, the first wheelchair races took place. Organized by the British Sports Association for the Disabled (BASD), 19 people competed and 17 finished. Gordon Perry of the United Kingdom won the Men’s Wheelchair Race, coming in at 3:20:07, and Denise Smith, also of the UK, won the Women’s Wheelchair Race in 4:29:03.

Twenty athletes representing the United Kingdom have won the London Marathon a total of forty times. The most recent win by a British athlete was in the 2012 London Marathon, by David Weir in the Men’s Wheelchair Race. It was his sixth win in London. Kenya has the second largest number of winning athletes.

Seven Kenyan men and six Kenyan women have been victorious a total of sixteen times, all in the able-bodied category. Eleven men, including those from the wheelchair races, have won the marathon more than once, Weir’s six wins being the record.

Sixteen women have been winners more than once; Tanni Grey-Thompson won the women’s wheelchair race six times between 1992 and 2002.

Course records for the London Marathon have been set ten times in the men’s race, seven times in the women’s race, fifteen times in the men’s wheelchair race, and thirteen times in the women’s wheelchair race.

World records for marathon running have been set four times. Khalid Khannouchi, representing the United States, set the men’s world record in 2:05:38 in 2002. The following year, British runner Paula Radcliffe set the women’s world record in 2:15:25, which also stands as the current course record in the Women’s Elite Race. Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya set the course record at 2:03:05 in 2016 in the Men’s Elite Race.

Kurt Fearnley set the Men’s Wheelchair Race course record at 1:28:57 in 2009. The course record for the Women’s Wheelchair Race was set by American athlete Tatyana McFadden in 2013, with 1:46:02.

London Marathon elite race men’s winners

1981Dick Beardsley / Inge Simonsen (Tie)United States / Norway2:11:48
1982Hugh JonesUnited Kingdom2:09:24
1983Mike GrattonUnited Kingdom2:09:43
1984Charlie SpeddingUnited Kingdom2:09:57
1985Steve JonesUnited Kingdom2:08:16
1986Toshihiko SekoJapan2:10:02
1987Hiromi TaniguchiJapan2:09:50
1988Henrik JørgensenDenmark2:10:20
1989Douglas WakiihuriKenya2:09:03
1990Allister HuttonUnited Kingdom2:10:10
1991Yakov TolstikovSoviet Union2:09:17
1992António PintoPortugal2:10:02
1993Eamonn MartinUnited Kingdom2:10:50
1994Dionicio CerónMexico2:08:53
1995Dionicio CerónMexico2:08:30
1996Dionicio CerónMexico2:10:00
1997António PintoPortugal2:07:55
1998Abel AntónSpain2:07:57
1999Abdelkader El MouazizMorocco2:07:57
2000António PintoPortugal2:06:36
2001Abdelkader El MouazizMorocco2:07:09
2002Khalid KhannouchiUnited States2:05:38
2003Gezahegne AberaEthiopia2:07:56
2004Evans RuttoKenya2:06:18
2005Martin LelKenya2:07:35
2006Felix LimoKenya2:06:39
2007Martin LelKenya2:07:41
2008Martin LelKenya2:05:15
2009Samuel WanjiruKenya2:05:10
2010Tsegaye KebedeEthiopia2:05:19
2011Emmanuel MutaiKenya2:04:40
2012Wilson KipsangKenya2:04:44
2013Tsegaye KebedeEthiopia2:06:04
2014Wilson KipsangKenya2:04:29
2015Eliud KipchogeKenya2:04:42
2016Eliud KipchogeKenya2:03:05
2017Daniel WanjiruKenya2:05:48
2018Eliud KipchogeKenya2:04:17
2019Eliud KipchogeKenya2:02:37

London Marathon elite race women’s winners

1981Joyce SmithUnited Kingdom2:29:57
1982Joyce SmithUnited Kingdom2:29:43
1983Grete WaitzNorway2:25:29
1984Ingrid KristiansenNorway2:24:26
1985Ingrid KristiansenNorway2:21:06
1986Grete WaitzNorway2:24:54
1987Ingrid KristiansenNorway2:22:48
1988Ingrid KristiansenNorway2:25:41
1989Véronique MarotUnited Kingdom2:25:56
1990Wanda PanfilPoland2:26:31
1991Rosa MotaPortugal2:26:14
1992Katrin Dörre-HeinigGermany2:29:39
1993Katrin Dörre-HeinigGermany2:27:09
1994Katrin Dörre-HeinigGermany2:32:34
1995Małgorzata SobańskaPoland2:27:43
1996Liz McColganUnited Kingdom2:27:54
1997Joyce ChepchumbaKenya2:26:51
1998Catherina McKiernanIreland2:26:26
1999Joyce ChepchumbaKenya2:23:22
2000Tegla LaroupeKenya2:24:33
2001Derartu TuluEthiopia2:23:57
2002Paula RadcliffeUnited Kingdom2:18:56
2003Paula RadcliffeUnited Kingdom2:15:25
2004Margaret OkayoKenya2:22:35
2005Paula RadcliffeUnited Kingdom2:17:42
2006Deena KastorUnited States2:19:35
2007Zhou ChunxiuChina2:20:38
2008Irina MikitenkoGermany2:24:14
2009Irina MikitenkoGermany2:22:11
2010Aselefech MergiaEthiopia2:22:38
2011Mary KeitanyKenya2:19:19
2012Mary KeitanyKenya2:18:37
2013Priscah JeptooKenya2:20:15
2014Edna KiplagatKenya2:20:21
2015Tigist TufaEthiopia2:23:21
2016Jemima SumgongKenya2:22:58
2017Mary KeitanyKenya2:17:01
2018Vivian CheruiyotKenya2:18:31
2019Brigid KosgeiKenya2:18:20

London Marathon wheelchair race men’s winners

1983Gordon PerryUnited Kingdom3:20:07
1984Kevin BreenIreland2:38:40
1985Chris HallamUnited Kingdom2:19:53
1986Gerry O’RourkeIreland2:26:38
1987Chris HallamUnited Kingdom2:08:34
1988Ted VinceCanada2:01:37
1989David HoldingUnited Kingdom1:59:31
1990Hakan EricssonSweden1:57:12
1991Farid AmaroucheFrance1:52:52
1992Daniel WesleyCanada1:51:42
1993George VandammeBelgium1:44:10
1994David HoldingUnited Kingdom1:46:06
1995Heinz FreiSwitzerland1:39:14
1996David HoldingUnited Kingdom1:43:48
1997David HoldingUnited Kingdom1:42:15
1998Heinz FreiSwitzerland1:35:18
1999Heinz FreiSwitzerland1:35:27
2000Kevin PapworthUnited Kingdom1:41:50
2001Denis LemeunierFrance1:42:37
2002David WeirUnited Kingdom1:39:44
2003Joel JeannotFrance1:32:02
2004Saúl MendozaMexico1:36:56
2005Saúl MendozaMexico1:35:51
2006David WeirUnited Kingdom1:29:48
2007David WeirUnited Kingdom1:30:51
2008David WeirUnited Kingdom1:33:56
2009Kurt FearnleyAustralia1:28:57
2010Josh CassidyCanada1:35:21
2011David WeirUnited Kingdom1:30:05
2012David WeirUnited Kingdom1:32:26
2013Kurt FearnleyAustralia1:31:29
2014Marcel HugSwitzerland1:32:41
2015Joshua GeorgeUnited States1:31:31
2016Marcel HugSwitzerland1:35:19
2017David WeirUnited Kingdom1:31:06
2018David WeirUnited Kingdom1:31:15
2019Daniel RomanchukUnited States1:33:38

London Marathon wheelchair race women’s winners

1983Denise SmithUnited Kingdom4:29:03
1984Kay McShaneIreland3:10:04
1985Kay McShaneIreland2:47:12
1986Kay McShaneIreland3:02:40
1987Karen DavidsonUnited Kingdom2:45:30
1988Karen DavidsonUnited Kingdom2:41:45
1989Josie CichockyjUnited Kingdom3:03:54
1990Connie HansenDenmark2:10:25
1991Connie HansenDenmark2:04:40
1992Tanni GreyUnited Kingdom2:17:23
1993Rose HillUnited Kingdom2:03:05
1994Tanni GreyUnited Kingdom2:08:26
1995Rose HillUnited Kingdom2:17:02
1996Tanni GreyUnited Kingdom2:00:10
1997Monica WetterstromSweden1:49:09
1998Tanni GreyUnited Kingdom2:02:01
1999Monica WetterstromSweden1:57:38
2000Sarah PiercyUnited Kingdom2:23:30
2001Tanni Grey-ThompsonUnited Kingdom2:13:55
2002Tanni Grey-ThompsonUnited Kingdom2:22:51
2003Francesca PorcellatoItaly2:04:21
2004Francesca PorcellatoItaly2:04:58
2005Francesca PorcellatoItaly1:57:00
2006Francesca PorcellatoItaly1:59:57
2007Shelly WoodsUnited Kingdom1:50:40
2008Sandra GrafSwitzerland1:48:04
2009Amanda McGroryUnited States1:50:39
2010Wakako TsuchidaJapan1:52:33
2011Amanda McGroryUnited States1:46:31
2012Shelly WoodsUnited Kingdom1:49:10
2013Tatyana McFaddenUnited States1:46:02
2014Tatyana McFaddenUnited States1:45:12
2015Tatyana McFaddenUnited States1:41:14
2016Tatyana McFaddenUnited States1:44:14
2017Manuela SchärSwitzerland1:39:57
2018Madison de RozarioAustralia1:42:58
2019Manuela ScharSwitzerland1:44:09

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