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Nicky Spinks refutes ‘Human Sacrifice’ tag at Barkley Marathons

Staff Reporter

Nicky Spinks brushed off any suggestion that she was the ‘Human Sacrifice’ at the Barkley Marathons as she made it round the first loop of the iconic race.

The former Bob Graham round women’s record holder was given the number one bib for the event – whilst this is typically considered a privilege, it has an entirely different meaning in the craziest race in the world.

The bib is normally awarded to whichever athlete race director Lazarus Lake believes to be most unlikely to finish even a single loop.

It was an unusual choice by Lake given Spinks’ incredible achievements in ultra running, but regardless, she used it as fuel for the challenge.

“Brilliant first loop”

On Instagram after the race, the 55-year-old British runner reflected on her second time at the Barkley, and despite missing the cut off for the second loop, she enjoyed her experience in Tennessee.

“I’ve had a fantastic time in Frozen Head State Park at the Barkley Marathons. Teamed up with Eoin Keith and Billy Reed,” she wrote.

“Brilliant first loop proved I wasn’t the Human Sacrifice No 1.

Spinks, who made it to loop two in her first attempt in 2019, made sure she would go out for a second loop this year, and was one of 31 runners out of the starting 40 who made it round within the cut-off time.

However, once again it wasn’t to be on the second loop for Spinks, who missed the cut-off time and subsequently an attempt at a three-loop “fun run” along with Eoin Keith, Billy Reed and Tom Hollins, whom she had teamed up with in a talented quartet.

“Second loop in the dark with Eoin’s nav spot on. Me and Billy remembering stuff and Tom Hollins scouting like an excited puppy. But so tough ACW we didn’t make the cut off. Really loved my second time here.”