May 1, 2019

Patagonia Launch Running Up For Air Event

This Friday sees Patagonia's first European Running Up for Air Event, to campaign for cleaner air in the Chamonix valley. There's also a Clare Gallagher speaking tour underway.
By Kirsty Reade

Patagonia, as well as making some very nice clothing, is a brand which is very committed to environmentalism. They display this in the way they make their clothing and equipment, in the way they encourage wearers to care for it and mend it, and they also do it through films, events and speaking tours.

Running Up For Air Event

Running Up For Air (RUFA) is an event that has been held in Utah, Salt Lake City to raise money in support of the fight for improved air quality for those who live along the Wasatch Front. This week they are also holding the event in Chamonix, to help raise money for improved air quality in the Chamonix Valley. It’s a sad fact that while the air is clean and pure up high, the valley itself can be polluted.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Chamonix this Friday 4th May, the event includes 3, 6 and 12 hour runs, as well as races and activities for kids. All funds go to Inspire to help their work fighting for clean air in the Mont Blanc region.

You can sign up for RUFA here:

Clare Gallagher Tour

Patagonia Global Sports Activist, Clare Gallagher will head on a tour around Europe to talk about her obsession with running and how she’s used her career and passion for the sport to bring attention to important environmental issues. Clare finished first at the 2017 CCC at the UTMB and set the course record and has since been on a mission to enjoy our home planet whilst also fighting to protect it.

Tour dates are as follows:

May 7 – Morbegno
May 1 – Amsterdam
May 8 – Innsbruck
May 2 – Lyon
May 11 – Sheffield
May 3 – Chamonix

Article by
Kirsty Reade