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Watch the Nicky Spinks Film ‘Last Women Standing’

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Earlier this week inov-8 held an online launch for the the Summit Media Media film ‘Last Women Standing’, which is about Nicky Spinks attempting the Barkley Marathons. We had chance to take a sneak peek at it before it premiered, but now you can watch it online (see below).

Famously no woman has ever completed the Barkley Marathons. In fact only 15 runners have completed the event since it started in 1986. Few events strike such fear and wonder into runners as this one and therefore interest in the race is incredibly high. So it’s fascinating to get a rare inside view of it, though obviously many of the details are still shrouded in secrecy.

What we do know is that runners must complete 5 laps and each lap is ‘around 20 miles’. The time limit to complete those 5 laps is 60 hours. If you think that doesn’t sound too hard just look at the challenges of navigation, the impossible terrain and the weather the runners experience in the film.

So did Nicky complete the race? Did any women complete it this year? You’ll have to watch the film to find out. You can do that here…

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Kirsty Reade

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