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Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB: Claire Bannwarth adds another title to 2023 haul


Claire Bannwarth stormed to victory in the 100M race at the Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB to add another title to her incredible 2023 haul.

The French runner finished over two and a half hours clear at Big Bear Lake, California, as she continues to defy belief amid a relentless schedule.

In the men’s 100M at the UTMB World Series event, Vincent Bouillard took the crown with a similairly dominant display, crossing the line nearly two hours ahead.

The 10th anniversary of the race featured over 1,300 registered runners from 40 states and 27 countries, regions, and territories.

Bannwarth brilliance

Bannwarth’s win follows a series of impressive results so far this year, including a victory at the Spine Race, a historic triumph at the Tahoe 200 and fifth at Hardrock 100.

Claire Bannwarth crosses the line.
Claire Bannwarth at Kullamannen by UTMB [Photo credit: UTMB]

Having also won the TrailCAT 200 in March, taken third at Ultra-Trail Snowdonia in May and finished 16th at Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc last month, Bannwarth has too beaten her own Backyard Ultra record in France and set a new Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the Colorado Trail.

She was in a class of her own in California, crossing the line in 21:10:28, some two hours and 40 minutes ahead of Genevieve Harrison (USA) and another 20 minutes clear of Caroline Himbert (USA).

There would be another French winner in the men’s 100M as Bouillard cruised home in 16:22:07 ahead of compatriot Michael Tappel and Colombia’s Jhon Barrera.

French stars

Bannwarth and Bouillard weren’t the only French runners to triumph at Kodiak, with Benard Valentin clinching the men’s 100K crown in 9:39:39, edging out American duo Tommy Sullivan and Chad Trammell.

The women’s podium would be a lockout for USA, though, as Amanda Basham held off Amy Sturgill and Brigette Takeuchi to take the win in 11:04:13.

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB
Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB [Photo credit: Howie Stern / Jacob Banta / UTMB]

It was the same story for both top threes in the 50K category, with Chad Hall besting Eli Hemming and Philip Royer to clinch the men’s crown in 3:45:41 and Dani Moreno overcoming Bailey Kowalczyk and Tabor Hemming in 4:19:08 for the women’s equivalent.

USA also reigned supreme in the 21K event, with Matthew Salminen and Elaine Carpenter the men’s and women’s champions respectively.

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB results

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB 100M men’s results

  1. Vincent Bouillard (USA) – 16:22:08
  2. Michael Tappel (USA) – 18:15:29
  3. Jhon Barrera (COL) – 19:24:51

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB 100M women’s results

  1. Claire Bannwarth (FRA) – 21:10:28
  2. Genevieve Harrison (USA) – 23:51:48
  3. Caroline Himbert (USA) – 24:11:45

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB 100K men’s results

  1. Benard Valentin (FRA) – 9:39:39
  2. Tommy Sullivan (USA) – 10:10:05
  3. Chad Trammell (USA) – 10:34:52

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB 100K women’s results

  1. Amanda Basham (USA) – 11:04:13
  2. Amy Sturgill (USA) – 11:41:08
  3. Brigette Takeuchi (USA) – 12:03:18

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB 50K men’s results

  1. Chad Hall (USA) – 3:45:41
  2. Eli Hemming (USA) – 3:49:35
  3. Philip Royer (USA) – 3:56:05

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB 50K women’s results

  1. Dani Moreno (USA) – 4:19:08
  2. Bailey Kowalczyk (USA) – 4:27:04
  3. Tabor Hemming (USA) – 4:40:49

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB 21K men’s results

  1. Matthew Salminen (USA) – 1:44:50
  2. Barry Weickert (USA) – 1:52:51
  3. Cielo Aguilar (USA) – 1:54:53

Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB 21K women’s results

  1. Elaine Carpenter (USA) – 1:56:36
  2. Antonella Meinecke (GER) – 2:00:39
  3. Cory Barbiere (USA) – 2:05:05

Full results are available HERE.

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