5 ways running can help you avoid the Royal Wedding

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few weeks you will be aware of a Royal Wedding happening this weekend. It’s likely to be unavoidable, from the blanket news coverage to the commemorative items (AKA tat) that will be strewn throughout shops this weekend.

If you’re looking for escape from Royal Wedding fever, running, as ever, is the answer. Here’s our handy guide to how you can avoid a whole day’s  coverage.

Royal parkrun

The first one is obvious. 9am on a Saturday? It’s got to be parkrun. You could run down there to warm up, stay to clap all of your lovely running companions over the finish line, then head for coffee and cake. Then you could run home. I estimate that you could easily stretch parkrun-related activities out to around 11am. Here’s our pick of 5 really picturesque parkruns to try.

Royal Wedding themed runs

There are some Royal Wedding themed events out there on Saturday. For example, in the Royal county of Berkshire there’s Saturn Running’s Right Royal Run. Choose from distances from 5k to ultra. Go for the ultra and that’s half a day’s Royal wedding coverage missed!

Dot watching

If you’re not actually running, then the next best sport has to be dot watching. For the uninitiated this is monitoring the progress of runners on very long races. This weekend there’s a prime dot watching opportunity – the Centurion North Downs Way 50.  250 runners will set off from Farnham and run to Knockholt Pound along the North Downs Way. While it’s not strictly a dot on this race, there is a live tracker and you can see all the action as it unfolds. I thoroughly recommend it as a way of passing a few hours. The race is likely to be won just after 2.30pm, but runners will continue to come in until 9pm, when there’s a cut-off.

Race envy

All that dot watching is likely to give you some race envy so why not set aside a few hours on Saturday afternoon for planning out what races you’re going to enter? If you dream big here’s our list of must-do races for the adventurous.

It’s now likely to be early evening but I’m pretty sure the Royal Wedding coverage will still be in full swing. So you definitely need at least one more  running related activity to take you to bedtime.

Running literature

If you want to avoid Royal fever in the evening, what better way than to read a book? We’re currently reading William Pullen’s Run for your Life: Mindful Running for a Happy Life. William Pullen is a psychotherapist who uses Dynamic Running Therapy to help his clients to confront difficult things in their lives. In the book he talks about the background to his development of the therapy and discusses different types of issues people experience and how to manage them. So, rather than learning about Meghan Markle’s dress or Prince Harry’s beard, you could actually learn some useful strategies for life.

That should cover you for Saturday. Now, how to avoid all the wedding related follow-up on Sunday? It’s a good thing that Sunday is long run day!

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