Do men and women run differently?

Do men and women run differently? NURVV took a look at their data to see if there was anything to indicate a different running style between the genders

NURVV Run Easter Sale

The guys at NURVV Run are putting out a special offer for the Easter period. So if you were considering shelling out for a new bit of tech, now would be a good time to go for it

A Q&A with NURVV RUN’s Biomechanics team

We recently had the opportunity to join a video call supporting the launch of NURVV RUN which featured an in-depth range of tips and Q&A from NURVV RUN’s Biomechanics team regarding metrics, injury prevention, pace development and more.

NURVV Run announces England Athletics partnership

NURVV Run, creators of wearable technology and biomechanics that help runners of all levels run faster, further and reduce injury risk, is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with England Athletics.

NURVV RUN Black Friday Deal

NURVV is offering 30% off on the NURVV RUN product on the their website from today until Monday 30th November.

First Look: NURVV RUN – Biomechanical Analysis At Your Feet

Are you looking to run faster, reduce injury and optimise your running technique? If so you’d probably be very interested in a gadget to help you achieve these goals. Well, let us introduce you to NURVV RUN, a device and app that allows you to analyse your run and suggest how to improve and develop your running technique.